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4 Cities, Unlimited Gigs

When Xfinity launched their new cellular service, Xfinity Mobile, Red Thread PR was ready to help them increase awareness and drive traffic to Xfinity Stores through an integrated campaign of paid, earned and shared tactics. We did this in partnership with our creative partners at Brownstein by creating and promoting a summer concert series called Xfinity Mobile Gigs.

Making Our Backstage Passes Count

Xfinity identified four priority markets: Philly, Chicago, Boston, and Denver. We looked at our target audiences and developed a drive-to-retail strategy that included in-store activations and a multi-channel communication plan to promote the events and generate awareness about Xfinity Mobile. We called the event series “Xfinity Mobile Gigs,” playing off of the Xfinity Mobile feature that allows users to pay by the gig. 

Store Activations: Each of the four markets had one priority in-store event and two secondary events. The store events featured live music from local bands, sweepstakes for concert and festival passes (such as Made in America and Lollapalooza), ticket and swag giveaways, food trucks, a photo booth, a Samsung VR experience, and more. And of course, we had a ground team ready to explain the benefits of Xfinity Mobile and sell it to attendees. 

Paid/Earned/Shared/Owned: Leading up to the in-person events, we created microsites for each Gigs location. We spread the word on multiple channels, encouraging people to visit the stores to pick up their free “Gigs Pass” through direct mail pieces, digital banners, emails, radio spots, posters, earned media and paid social media posts. We also created signage for the events themselves, getting people excited about the lineup and giveaways while also directing them to learn more about Xfinity Mobile. 

Taking Center Stage

Increased sales in all four markets. We also saw thousands of people interacting with the website, entering the sweepstakes, sharing on Snapchat, and using the photo booth and VR experience. 

From the Rock Stage to the Silver Screen

Following the launch of Xfinity Gigs, the brand still faced some challenges in select markets when it
came to redefining the in-store customer experience from a bill-pay and customer service errand to a
streaming entertainment destination that powers all of life’s content. So we leveraged the family fanfare
around the upcoming release of Secret Life of Pets 2 film and exclusive iPad giveaways to create an in-
store retail experience that would:

  • Give consumers a reason to visit the Xfinity stores – and kick back, relax and enjoy the movie
  • Educate and excite customers on new products and promotions while still elevating familiar
  • products like the iPad
  • Establish deeper relationships with Xfinity customers seeking solutions across cable, internet,
  • home and mobile

To achieve these goals, Red Thread PR:

  • Developed a scalable, replicable activation model to drive in-store retail traffic in key markets
  • Leveraged Comcast properties and partners to bring entertainment value to the retail experience
  • Created “shareable” moments to extend the message beyond events
  • Made it pet-friendly and had dogs available for adoption – because dogs make everything better


Lift in Store Traffic Compared to
Daily Average


Average iPad Sales + Line Connects
(4x the daily average)


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