About Us

It Started With
a Revolution

Berny Brownstein founded his agency at the height of the Creative Revolution with a vision to bring a fresh perspective to Philly advertising. His passion for creativity and the agency’s independent spirit have powered more than half a century of award-winning advertising and PR campaigns for many beloved brands. Joined by son Marc in 1990, the Brownstein legacy continues to evolve, expand, and anticipate clients’ ever-changing needs through its network of nimble agencies, including Red Thread PR – a specialty agency that goes beyond the headlines to help clients future-proof their businesses – not merely promote them.

Now, We Revel
in Relevance.

Brands rely on Brownstein Group to make them unstoppable. To be unstoppable, our client partners must be committed to the pursuit of brand longevity – a pursuit built on the premise that the world is in a constant state of change. 

Enter Red Thread PR by Brownstein. In a world of distrust and clickbait, Red Thread PR delivers sustained relevance and authenticity to build credibility, influence perceptions and behaviors, and develop meaningful connections. This is how we help our client partners lead in both thought and action so they can endure cultural shifts and economic shocks in an ever-changing world. 

Red Thread PR is Brownstein Group’s PR specialty agency that brings an integrated, multi-channel mindset to connecting brands to their customers, communities and industries. We do it through modern PR campaigns that are rooted in earned media but amplified through paid, owned and shared channels. 

And Amplify Authenticity

Any firm can promote, but we believe authenticity will work hardest to build brand endurance, so we center our approach on amplified authenticity.  

It starts with earned media, which presents the greatest opportunity for delivering credibility, authenticity, and education. It can strategically take what other costly marketing channels do and create an amplified story, enabling people to connect with it in a way unlike any other marketing channel. But Red Thread PR goes a step further to look at where the authenticity of earned media will pay dividends, then connect it with social engagement, community partnerships, internal and external communication channels and paid media. We are the red thread that connects it all. 

PR Specialties to Deliver Longevity

Media Relations

National, Regional, International Press • Industry Trade Press • Print, Digital, Broadcast, Podcast • Editor Experiences • Press Conferences • Press Tours • Satellite Media Tours • Trade Show Press Events • Reactive + Proactive Media Relations • Real-time Newsjacking • Newscycle Takeovers • Press Releases + Announcement Strategies • Key Message Development + Talking Points • Spokesperson Trainings • Interview Prep • Original Research + Surveys • Infographics • News Monitoring • Placement Merchandising • Qual/Quant Measurement • Earned Media Analytics

Thought Leadership

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Message Platform Development • SME Media Visibility • Internal + External Profile Raising • Insight Mining • Social Media Visibility • Speaker Circuit • Award Programming • Executive Training

360º Campaign Planning + Strategy

Annual Plans • Quarterly Tactical Roadmaps • Client/Agency Editorial Board • Content + Outreach Calendars • KPI Workshop

Internal Communications

Intranet Content • Town Hall Scripting • Change Management •Employee Engagement • Internal Issues Management

Corporate Stewardship

CSR Strategy • National + Regional Community Relations • Community + Stakeholder Engagement • Community Advisory Council Development

Crisis + Issue Management

Crisis Response Team Protocols • Media Inquiry Processes • Scenario Preparedness • Threat Planning & Leak Strategies • Trend Tracking & Issues Identification • 24/7 Rapid Response • Statement Drafting • Internal Messaging • Crisis Spokesperson Training • Operations Guidance • Post-Crisis Reputation Repair • Crisis Impact Measurement • Reputation Tracking

Social Media

Influencer Relations • Community Management • Paid Social • Platform Planning • Social Content Calendars • Content – Video, Copy, and Design • Thought Leadership via Social

Content Creation

Blog, Newsletters • Webinars • Website News Center • Sponsored Content • Contributed Editorials/OpEds

Partnership Marketing

Partner Vetting & Contracting • Branded Activations • Earned Media Amplification

Our Approach

Our multi-discipline marketing roots from Brownstein Group allow us to bring an integrated mindset from a team of independent PR specialists. We weave stories throughout the entire Paid/Earned/Shared/Owned (PESO) model across corporate communications, press and influencers, brand activations, creative media, upper and lower funnel marketing, partnerships, internal communications, social media platforms and community engagement. We are the red thread through it all.

Earned Media

National Press • Regional Press • Local Press • Trade Press • Awards • Influencer Relations • Blogger Relations • Thought Leadership • Word of Mouth

Paid Media

Print, Digital, OOH Advertising • Social Media Advertising • Boosted Content • Sponsored Content • Sponsorships/Partnerships • Brand Ambassadors, Influencers

Marketing Communications

Influencer Marketing • Experiential Marketing, Activations • Event Marketing

Lead Generation

Email Marketing • Content Marketing • Contests

Strategic Partnerships

Sponsorships • Philanthropy • Community Relations • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) • Co-branding

Owned Media

Content Marketing • Corporate Website • Blog • Newsletters • Videos • Webinars • Visual Content (Infographics) • Research • White Papers • Audio, Podcasts • Brand Stories • Corporate/Sales Collateral

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) • Display • Retargeting • Voice Search • Domain Authority


Content Hubs • Publishing Platforms

Shared Media

Brand Social Content • Employee Social Content • User Generated Content (UGC) • Reviews

Our Reach

Worldwide Partners

As a WPI partner, Red Thread PR clients benefit from our access to more than 70 global agencies in markets outside the US and new agency collaboration opportunities. Partnering with other independent firms, we can provide even bigger solutions for our clients while continuing to do the powerful and original work we’re known for.

Our Network of Agencies

Our network of specialized agencies can bend and flex together as we strive to keep pace with the world as a collective north star. All components of our network can also stand apart when our clients need a particular specialty to be their anchor. Whether individually or together as a whole, we remain focused on our shared purpose to create unstoppable brands.


Brownstein is a legacy agency that builds unstoppable brands through strategic advertising and communications platforms. Our goal is to turn heads, change minds, and spark action. We are committed to leading our clients in pursuing brand longevity, acting as a source of ideas and strategies that help our partner brands accelerate toward their goals. See more at brownsteingroup.com.

Nucleus Digital

Nucleus Digital is a virtual agency built for the virtual world. Nucleus combines creativity, a digital-first approach, agility, and results. As part of Brownstein Group, Nucleus provides digital media, marketing automation, and performance marketing services, including media planning and buying, programmatic, paid search, CRM and analytics. If this sounds like your speed, visit nucleusd.com.

Poster Child

Poster Child is an influencer relations agency built on real, personal connections and unmatched experience. Offering influencer relations, brand partnerships, and brand integration, Poster Child breaks through the BS in an oversaturated industry by bringing services that lead with what matters: taste, knowledge, authentic relationships, and an unwavering respect for our clients’ reputations. Check us out at posterchildagency.com.

Our Client Partners

We’re about connecting with our clients so deeply that they trust fall into us as the partner they rely on to help them get it together, keep it together, and succeed together. We are the red thread.

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